Shower House Ministries

Written By: Danielle Toriumi

As you look at these faces, they are the faces of our neighbors, friends and perhaps family members who have fallen to the wayside – because of unemployment.  The provision of soup kitchens and religious organizations, who serve meals, and provides basic pantry items are always a welcome gift to those in need – but the basic provision of water, to restore and refresh, was missing.

Ken knew that he had to go one step further – to provide for the dignity of people in the care of their personal hygiene in offering Shower House Ministries.

Shower House Ministries has been providing showers to those in need since September of 2015. Active community member and founder of the Shower House Ministries, Ken Rickner, saw a need for showers for the homeless and decided to take matters into his own hands.

With heart and compassion, Rickner made some personal sacrifices and with the help of the church, and community members he was able to buy and convert a trailer into a mobile shower. The Shower House Ministries was born.

Shower House Ministries, through its services, continues to touch the lives of people in all walks of life.

When I met Anthony Phelps, I was expecting him to tell me his name and job title in relation to the church or the Shower House Ministries, but to my surprise Anthony explained how unemployment has impacted his life, leaving him homeless. Despite this he confidently proceeded to share with pride his participation in the service and care to others in need.

In life many people are just a couple of paychecks away from being homeless with increased expenses and loss of jobs and being “Homeless” enlists a different response from everyone.

Too often we take ordinary luxuries for granted, myself included.  The work that the Shower House Ministries does for the community is crucial because there is a heavy emphasis on the individual and giving the individual just a few of the tools needed to begin to get back on their feet again.

Ken Rickner says that every little bit helps this community.  Whether its donation of time, money, supplies, food, or services everything is working towards the bigger picture of helping these individuals have the ability to live more comfortably and to have fresh clean start at their lives.



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