Oakland Protest Against Trump – Photo Essay

Photography and Video by: Danielle Toriumi

Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Oakland, California on the night of Nov. 9, upon the recent election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Protester sits and looks upon the crowd while listening patiently to speakers present at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, California.
Anti-Trump protesters are lit from behind by surrounding news broadcast vans.
Oakland Police Department attempt to maintain order  while they walked along side the group of marching protesters.
Protesters consume Broadway Street while chanting various anti-Trump phrases such as, “I love freedom, I love justice, I love liberation”.
Racially focused protest signs often made their appearance during the march such as one that read, “White Silence = Violence”.
Mills College students participate in march that took place on Nov. 9th.
Protester adorns military type beret while holding sign that reads “F*** Trump”.


Individual, adorning military helmet, stares longingly over the crowd of protesters as she clings to nearby light post.

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